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Illness / Health

Healthcare Insurance System

In case of illnesses or injuries, you must pay for all medical fees if you seek medical care at a hospital without a kenko hokensho (national health insurance card). National health insurance (kokumin kenko hoken) will reduce the amount you pay for healthcare. All non-Japanese who have concluded alien registration, have obtained residence status and are planning to stay in the country for more than one year are required to join the national health insurance system.

Procedures for applying for the national health insurance system are conducted at the national health insurance division of your local government office. Take either your alien registration card or passport with you when you apply. Contact your local government office for details.


Illness / Injuries

If you become sick or get injured and do not know the name or reason for the illness, then go to a general hospital that has various departments, such as naika (internal medicine department; internist), geka (surgery department; surgeon), hifuka (skin department; dermatologist), ganka (eye department; ophthalmologist) and jibi-inkoka (ear, nose and throat department; otorhinolaryngologist). Some hospitals provide assistance in foreign languages, so see a doctor without delay if you become or feel ill. Make sure to bring your kenko hokensho (national health insurance card).

If you do not know which hospital to go to, contact the student affairs office of your university or local government office.

¡üIntroduction of Each Department

Naika For internal illnesses (i.e., colds, stomach aches and headaches)
Geka For injuries
Hifuka For various skin diseases
Ganka For various eye diseases
Jibi-inkoka For various ear / nose / throat diseases (i.e., hay fever)
Shika For various problems with teeth (i.e., cavities and toothaches)

Take proper care in your daily activities and act sensibly to avoid becoming sick. It is also important that you learn about illnesses and how to prevent them.


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