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Subways / trains / buses

imgMethods for paying and buying tickets for subways, trains and buses vary according to the transportation company. IC cards (SUICA, PASMO, etc.) are very convenient when you need to transfer across different means or lines of transportation, because they can be used with different means of transportation and transportation companies.



imgTo catch a taxi, signal the driver by raising your hand at a taxi stand or when you spot an unoccupied taxi on the road. The rate is charged according to both distance and time. Some taxis may not accept credit cards.



imgA bohan toroku (theft prevention registration) is required when buying a bicycle. It is illegal to use bicycles without permission, even in the case of abandoned bicycles. Make sure you park your bicycle in designated spaces, such as bicycle parking spaces in front of stations. Abide by traffic rules, such as only one person to a bicycle.


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